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This section contains information on wind energy, the Ontario Feed-in Tariff Program and notices related to the Grand Bend Wind Farm.

For regulatory reports filed for Grand Bend, please visit the Reports page.

March 26, 2015
CLC Member Recruitment Notice

8 January 2015
Updated ERT Documents

14 October 2014
Updated Reports

3 July 2014
Updated Reports

7 April 2014
Updated Reports

5 February 2014
Updated Reports

2 October 2013
Notice of Posting to the Environmental Registry

2 September 2013
Updated Reports page

3 June 2013
Updated Reports page with OEB Leave to Construct documents

19 December 2012
Public Information Centre Boards

29 November 2012
Updated FAQs

24 October 2012
Updated Reports page

22 October 2012
Updated Reports page

28 September 2012
Project Update Report

25 September 2012
Notice of Draft REA Reports Public Review and Notice of Final Public Meeting by Grand Bend Wind Limited Partnership c/o Northland Power Inc. to Engage in a Renewable Energy Project
Draft Reports added

20 April 2012
Draft Site Plan Report and other reports added

17 April 2012
Notice of Draft Site Plan added

30 March 2012

2 April 2012
Project Reference Documents Added

30 March 2012
Public Information Centre, FAQs and Comment Form

28 February 2012
Posted Notice of Proposal and Notice of Public Meeting